Two systems we can recommend will be: * Handbrake - [] * VLC - [] Both of these can help with ripping audio from digital files. **Note that befo...
Hide completed courses to focus on the training courses you need.
How a trainee can download their Completion report from the LMS.
Add your own company account information to the login page as well as the welcome page. See how: LMS customization options are also covered in your User Guide [].
You have the tool to create video-based training in your pocket. Yes, take out your cell phone, shoot video at work or anywhere and upload it directly into your lesson and courses. Here's how:
Sometimes you simply want to not trigger any email notifications when you assign courses or training paths? Here's how to turn off notifications:
Here is how to activate and deactivate courses.
Here is how you can add a new course.
When courses within training paths are changed or updated, the previous completion status can be changed. To resolve the 'Training Path Changes' detected message, see the video below:
Here is an introduction to the course notes and memos feature.
Get help fast using the Help Tooltips. The LMS knowledge center gives free access to help content, videos and more.
Quickly resend LMS access information to any user. Here's how:
To reset quiz results status in your LMS, follow this simple process. The LMS Quiz result will be reset for the selected users. More details at [
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