Admin: How do I preview my course?
Posted by Don W. on 20 November 2006 08:33 PM

Question: I have just finished creating a course and would like to preview it so I can see what an end user would see before I launch. How can I do this?


  1. Quick Preview: From the Course Management Menu, select the "preview" link. It is on the same list of links as the "duplicate course" and "edit course details" links.
  2. Full Preview: Assign your course to yourself. If you are the Administrator, simply click [Assign Users] in the Course Management, find yourself, and add yourself as a user.
  3. Invite Others to Preview: Create a user group called [Preview]. Assign the group to the course you want to preview. You can then add anyone you want to the group, and they will be able to log in and see the course.

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