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Taking documents on the go; Traveling
Posted by Don W. on 08 August 2006 11:47 PM

Question: I have a document I am working on. How can I take this document with me? I plan to be on the road for a while.

Answer: eLeaP makes it easy to manage documents and learning tools. Simply go to [My Stuff], click on [Add Note], insert description and title for a new note and click [Upload File]. You will then navigate to the file you want to upload and click to upload to your eLeaP account. Remember, [My Stuff] is course-specific so make sure to go back to the relevant course and click on [My Stuff] to access your uploaded documents. This is a simple and powerful tool to make sure you always have an up-to-date version of whatever document you are working on.

**Also, Course Instructors can use [My Stuff] to include course creation materials for later use. Simply assign your course to yourself, click on [My Assigned Courses] click on [My Stuff] and there you are.

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