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Admin: How does Auto Re-Assignment work? Will it save my existing tracking information?
Posted by Don W. on 28 September 2011 02:20 PM

Question: If John Smith is assigned a course today and completes it tomorrow, and I set reassignment for one year - are his first set of quiz scores and completion information still retained when he retakes the course and quiz in a year? How does that end of the renewal process work?

Answer: What eLeaP actually does is make a copy of your existing Course. Then it is the copy that is re-assigned. This means your existing Course and your current tracking is safely retained and always available for you.

Here's an example of the auto-reassignment process:

  • Admin Jane has a Course called 'Getting Started With eLeaP'. Jane wants this Course automatically re-assigned.
  • From the Course Management area, Jane clicks on the Settings tab and sets "Auto Re-Assignment" to [YES]. (See screenshot:
  • The date when the Course will be reassigned is selected from the calendar. Then click Save. (See screenshot:
  • When this Auto Re-assignment date occurrs, eLeaP makes a copy of the Course. The new Course is named 'Getting Started With eLeaP [month/year]". This new Course is automatically assigned to all Users assigned to the original Course.
  • The previous Course still exists and all its tracking info is safely available.
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